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Conquer Website Growth Problems For Your Clients

You know how important a search-friendly website is to growing a business, but SEO is so time consuming!

You have to perform:
Keyword Research,
Competitor Analysis,
Technical Audits,
Content Audits,
Content Idea Generation,
User Experience Analysis.

It's almost impossible to provide all of these services to your clients in addition to your coaching responsibilities.

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Included Services

  • Keyword Research & Competitor Analysis

    Keyword research is necessary to reach your client's search goals, but it's time consuming and tedious. Let us do the leg work. We'll also analyze competitors sites to see how you compare and create a plan to outrank them.

  • SEO Technical Audit

    We perform a technical audit of your clients site to determine if there are any errors that could deter good search performance. We'll create a roadmap to fixing any issues and even provide hands on technical support when needed.

  • SEO Content Audit & Content Idea Generation

    Unique and engaging content is the key to online growth. We'll analyze your existing content to see how it performs and where it can be improved. We'll also use keyword research and competitor analysis to find new content ideas that will perform well in search.

  • Site Speed Test

    How fast is your website? The speed that a site loads can make or break a first impression with potential customers. The first step to any SEO project is making sure the site loads as fast as possible.

  • User Experience Analysis & Design Suggestions

    A good user experience is imperative for online growth. That means you need intuitive navigation, informative & engaging content, and a clean design that is easy on the eyes. We'll assess each sites navigation, review & suggest content to create, and give you design tips and best practices.

Hi, I'm Spencer.

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You want results, and I can help you get them. I'm a software developer, website designer, & data scientist. You are a small business owner, digital entreprenuer, startup, non-profit, artist, or organization who wants to skyrocket your website growth. Let's Work Together!

I've always loved technology because of the ways it can improve people's lives. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, I saw a need to help small business owners adapt to a changing world.

My passion is empowering people through technology.

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